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19.08.2010 Creating random passwords

Creating random passwords Setting up new users is a common task on unix systems and usually requires the creation of an initial password. The password should be random in order not to compromise security. Many users never change...[more]

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12.08.2010 What load average means UNIX/Linux systems

[engeler@debian ~]$ uptime  09:43:14 up 16 days, 22:41,  1 user,  load average: 2.53, 1.84, 0.98 The UNIX commands w, top and uptime print out the load average. But what do those three numbers mean? Unix systems...[more]

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16.07.2009 Counting entries in a tab file

Basic data analysis on the shell: Count individual entries in a tab separated file.[more]

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16.07.2009 Setting up a script for chkconfig

On a Linux system services are started at system startup according to the entries in /etc/rc[0-6].d/ directories. The symlinks in these directories can be conveniently managed with the chkconfig program. In order to enable...[more]

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27.06.2009 UTF-8 Conversion

Converting between character sets on the Linux console[more]

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